cellulaze cellulite treatment overview

Cellulaze Cellulite Treatment Overview

Cellulaze cellulite treatment was the first FDA approved procedure that targeted cellulite from under the skin. It was also the first method that directly addressed the issue of the connective fibers underneath the skin surface. Lastly, Cellulaze was the first cellulite treatment that was found effective long term.

Because Cellulaze is a relatively new method, long term studies are not available but women have been reporting to be free of this pesky condition even 3 years post treatment.

How Does Cellulaze Cellulite Treatment Work

Cellulite occurs because the connective fibers which surround the fat cells under the surface of the skin are unable to control expansion of the fat cells. When the fat cells enlarge, they push against the epidermis and create the visible bumps and dimples.

The cellulite treatments of the past all involved treating the surface of the skin. They were not effective because cellulite is not a skin issue. It is a structural issue which takes place under the skin.

Cellulaze laser treatment works to modify the structure under the skin.

Prior to the procedure, the patient is given a local anesthetic. The affected area is marked by 5 inch squares. Each square is then treated separately.

Image 1. Marking The Area To Be Treated

marking the area for Cellulaze cellulite treatment

Cellulaze laser treatment involves treating 3 aspects of cellulite.

1. Fat – The fist component of cellulite is the fat. A small laser probe is inserted under the skin. The probe is then moved inside the area being treated. It heats it up and melts or disrupts the fat.

Image 2. Cellulaze Laser Melts Underlying Fat

cellulaze treatment melting fat

2. Connective fibers (fibrous sepatae) – The second component of cellulite are the fibrous septae. The laser goes after these fibers that pull down the skin causing the dimpling effect of cellulite. It cuts and vaporizes those fibers under your skin. The release of the fibers gets rid of the dimples and creates a smoother look.

Image 3. Cellulaze Laser Cuts Fibrous Septae

cutting fibers with cellulaze treatment

3. Collagen – Lastly, the laser probe releases heat under the epidermis which, according to the company (Cynosure), stimulates new collagen production. This step is used in order to increase the thickness and elasticity of the skin and to give it healthier appearance.

Image 4. New Collagen Stimmulation

collagen stimmulation by cellulaze system

Cellulaze cellulite treatment does not produce immediate results. According to the doctor who performed the procedure in the video below, this is not a dynamic process. Changes will not happen overnight. Apparently, it can take up to 3 months after the procedure to see the full results.

Although, women have been reporting lasting results after Cellulaze, it is not known whether this is a permanent solution or even how long these results will last.

With respect to the satisfaction, there are conflicting reports from women who had the Cellulaze procedure done. Some love it others absolutely hate it.

According to Dr. DiBernardo, patients with severe cellulite and loose skin should not be treated with Cellulaze. Serious problems, including seroma may develop after the treatment. He also recommends that the performing physician is a plastic surgeon with liposuction experience.

Is Cellulaze Treatment Painful

Because the patient is given a local anesthetic, she may not feel much pain during the procedure, although some women report feeling some pain.

The laser probe is not a “tiny fiber” as the company would want you to believe. It seems that the laser is a pretty hefty probe.

Image 5. Cellulaze Laser Probe

Cellulaze laser probe used diring cellulite treatment

During the process, the laser probe is continuously and rapidly moving under the epidermis. This, to me, would suggest that significant swelling and a lasting pain will happen following the treatment. I believe that a patient will feel painful discomfort for several days after the procedure took place.

What Is The Cost Of Cellulaze Procedure

The Cellulaze cellulite treatment has to be done by an accredited medical doctor and it requires a sophisticated machinery. This all costs money. The patient will have to shell out a pretty penny to have this procedure done.

The cost fluctuates and depends on where the treatment is done and who is the performing physician. Typically, you may expect to pay about $3000 per area.

When Cellulaze cellulite treatment first came out, CNN did a story on it. In the video below, Dr. Sanje Gupta reports on the procedure. If you are interested in this procedure, make sure to watch the video. Be warned though, the video is pretty graphic.

Cellulaze Cellulite Treatment Video

Well, what do you think about this Cellulaze cellulite treatment? Would you go for it? I’d love to hear what you think about it. Just drop a comment below.


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