Brazilian cellulite treatment

Brazilian Cellulite Treatment Overview

Brazilian cellulite treatment is also known as BCT. It is considered one of the breakthroughs, when it comes to a treatment capable to get rid of cellulite long term. It is a minimally invasive procedure that treats the issue under the skin, where the actual problem arises. Brazilian cellulite treatment has been popularized by The Doctors, an Emmy award winning TV show in the US.

The appearance of cellulite (also known as cottage cheese look) on the buttocks, thighs and hips of most women is a normal occurrence. Most adult women will develop the “orange peel syndrome” sometimes in their adulthood. It shows itself as scattered bumps, dimples and indentations on the affected areas of the body. Until recently it has been very difficult to treat and eliminate cellulite. Long term positive results were not possible.

At the cellular level, cellulite arises due to accumulation of fat under the epidermis and an inability of the connective fibers to restrain the expansion and growth of these fat cells.

For many years, this condition has mostly been treated by topical applications, such as creams, massages and heat. As well, invasive treatments such as liposuction have been used. None of these methods proved to provide a lasting relief from this unappealing condition.

Brazilian cellulite treatment is one of the 3 currently available cellulite treatments that offer a potentially lasting relief from the condition.

Just as a side note: Why the method is called “Brazilian” is a mystery. It is possible that the root of the treatment originated in a Brazilian spa. Brazilian women are well known for their beautiful bodies, and it would not be surprising that cellulite removal is a major concern for them just as it is for us.

How Does Brazilian Cellulite Treatment Work

BCT is a very simple and minimally invasive process. Prior to the procedure, the patient receives local anesthetic at the spot where the procedure will take place.

Brazilian Procedure Under The Skin: Before And After

Brazilian cellulite treatment under the skin


The left hand side of the image above depicts the dimple caused by the pull of the connective fiber (marked by the four red arrows). When the fiber is cut, it releases the pull and the skin stretches out. You can see the “stretch” on the right hand side of the image. The look after the Brazilian procedure is highlighted by the four arrows.

  1. A very small needle is inserted into the affected area
  2. The needle is moved around to cut and release the fibers
  3. Cutting of the fibers releases the pull of the skin and this causes the skin to smooth out

Is Brazilian Cellulite Treatment Painful

Because the patient is locally anesthetized she does not feel the manipulation. Since the Brazilian procedure is hardly considered invasive, post treatment pain should also be minimal. Because a needle was used to manipulate the area under the epidermis, a patient likely will develop some minor swelling and bruising.

The whole process usually takes anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour and the patient is ready to leave the clinic immediately following the Brazilian treatment.

Video Explains Brazilian Cellulite Treatment

How Much Does BCT Cost And Where To Get It

The cost of the procedure will vary from clinic to clinic. You could expect it to be anywhere from $3000 (dollars) and up per area.

What is disappointing, however, is that access to this promising treatment appears to be somewhat limited. Online, I only found two clinics that specifically mention Brazilian cellulite treatment. The only thing I can suggest, is to contact your local association of plastic surgeons or dermatologists to inquire about clinics that may offer BCT in your area.


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