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foods that fight cellulite

Top 20 Foods That Fight Cellulite – Some Will Surprise You

No matter what age, shape or size you are, the dreaded cellulite will appear on your body. It is almost guaranteed, as 90% of women will develop this pesky problem over time. It is not a life threatening condition, but most women consider its appearance unappealing and will take all kinds of measures to fight […]

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anti cellulite detox foods

Top 3 Anti Cellulite Detox Foods

Cellulite is the one of the most common complaints of women. Although there is no real cure for this problem, we can reduce its appearance with anti cellulite detox foods. In this article we’ll look at the top 3 detox foods you need to incorporate in your anti cellulite diet program to fight this pesky […]

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Cellfina cellulite treatment

Cellfina Cellulite Treatment Overview – Is It The Final Answer

Cellfina cellulite treatment is a relatively new kid on the block. So far the results to remove cellulite with the Cellfina System have been very encouraging. Because of its relatively young age, long term removal studies of the “cottage cheese look” are not yet available. However, women who had this procedure done have been reporting […]

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Brazilian cellulite treatment

Brazilian Cellulite Treatment Overview

Brazilian cellulite treatment is also known as BCT. It is considered one of the breakthroughs, when it comes to a treatment capable to get rid of cellulite long term. It is a minimally invasive procedure that treats the issue under the skin, where the actual problem arises. Brazilian cellulite treatment has been popularized by The […]

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cellulaze cellulite treatment overview

Cellulaze Cellulite Treatment Overview

Cellulaze cellulite treatment was the first FDA approved procedure that targeted cellulite from under the skin. It was also the first method that directly addressed the issue of the connective fibers underneath the skin surface. Lastly, Cellulaze was the first cellulite treatment that was found effective long term. Because Cellulaze is a relatively new method, […]

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